The upcoming February 21 release of Carine au Micro‘s debut EP O La Si marked by a show at O Patro Vys on the same day. 

Carine is a self-described artist without borders. Originally from Benin, that’s where she got her musical start in 1998, followed by a trip to France in 2000 where she had the opportunity to collaborate with top local musicians. There she honed her skills while experimenting with a range of different genres (gospel, hip hop, jazz, African). In 2004, Carine arrived in Montreal to pursue her post-secondary studies, and in 2006 she joined the Imani Gospel Singers. This was the first step in immersing herself Montreal’s music scene. In spring 2017, she participated in concerts for Vision Diversité and Maison d’Haiti, and was approached by various audience members asking if she had any more personal work. This pushed her to start the process of recording a solo EP, in hopes of following in the footsteps of one of her major musical inspirations, Angélique Kidjo.

Carine is an African artist hailing from Bénin. Her music has the power and soul of gospel, the softness of jazz, the warmth of African music and the authenticity of hip-hop. Her interest in music started at a very young age, and that passion was stoked by her parents, particularly her mother. On a trip to France in 2000, her passion for music took a decisive turn as she started collaborating with various local musicians. In 2004, Carine moved to Quebec to pursue her university studies and joined the Imani Gospel Singers in 2006, which allowed her to become familiar with Montreal’s music scene. In 2013, Carine participated in  “La comédie musicale Mahalia Jackson” at the Segal Center in Montreal, starring Juno award-winning jazz musician Ranee Lee.

“I want my project to be a conversation between me, a woman from Benin, and Canada,” asserts Carine. “The project’s message is that no matter where we are from, which language we speak, whatever religion we practice, we are all people who share the same emotions. Especially right now, when people seem to be more focused on their differences rather than their similarities. I would also like to change the public opinion on the genre we call World Music; music is a universal language and the soul of humanity.”

EP Launch
Wednesday, February 21st
O Patro Vys
356 Mont Royal E.
Montreal, QC
5 p.m. – 7 p.m.