The Defiant One – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

The music world has brought together some unlikely people. Elton John performing a song with Eminem. Wyclef John and Kenny Rogers. Huey Lewis with Gwyneth Paltrow. Nelly and Tim McGraw…well, you get the picture. The Defiant Ones is a docu-series that adds another example of strange musical partners. This time it is Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

Jimmy Iovine began his music career in the 1970s with artists like Patti Smith, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and a women he would date, Stevie Nicks. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he was part of a band while in his teens. Started college then dropped out to start learning how to produce albums.

Dr. Dre was brought up by a single mom in rough and tumble Compton, California. From a young age he would lock himself in his bedroom and make music. Soon his mixtapes were the talk of the town then when he was a little older he joined the iconic rap band, N.W.A.

Both men made their names within their particular parts of the music world. Their reputations both grew in the decades of the 80s and 90s. Soon their paths crossed due to Interscope Records, a label that Jimmy began. The two men became friends and their respect from each other grew from there.

After the turn of century the two have been involved in some of the most important bands, music and developments that have occurred. Their bond led to them starting Beats by Dre, which evolved into a billion dollar headphone and speaker business. A strong work ethic on both men’s parts led to both being the head of huge music empires. A music version of the American Dream.

The stories of the two men (separately and together) is weaved via interviews, studio sessions and footage. Interviews include with the two men themselves as well as Tom Petty, Snoop Dogg, Bruce Springsteen, Ice Cube, Eminem, Bono, and Gwen Stefani. Just looking over that roster gives you an indication of how influential and powerful these two men are within the music industry.

Over the course of three years access to the two men gives you an picture of them that is rarely possible. Both Jimmy and Dre speak very frankly about themselves. You get both good and bad moments. Both men have had personal troubles as well as business ones. Jimmy went head to head with giants Time Warner while Dre drank heavily and ended up in jail for a while. Dre ended up walking away from his Deathrow label.

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