Faith is something that is rather meaningful for millions of people. That connection to a higher power or set of beliefs is important. As such, making a film that claims to center around a Christian message or beliefs can be a tricky thing. For many reasons. In my mind, the bottom line for films that come from within the Christian stable it is because of a lack of money. Money definitely make the film world go round. Not that you cannot make a decent film for a reasonable amount of money, but it certainly helps. Helps because you will be able to attract higher profile directors, actors and screenwriters to your project.

Judd Brannon’s Champion uses the not so obvious connection between the dirt racing milieu and forgiveness to faith. It looks at it from both sides – being forgiven and being the forgiver. His church in Woodstock, Georgia played an important part in getting the film made. All this is good and there is a great universal (meaning even for those who are not necessarily believers) to be found within, but the lack of resources ($) does not allow it to come forth in a meaningful way.

First of all, the script is not well developed. The story starts out interesting then seems to lose its way and then ends with a thud. A shame because there are some good ideas here they are just undercooked. The dialogue is rather cheesy and the acting wooden. Even though there is a kernel of a good film here it does not work out that way.

Within the dirt track racing world Sean Weathers (played by Andrew Cheney) is the top of the heap. His career is great. Sometime, though, when you are number one you will do anything to remain there. Things that you might not do otherwise. A rivalry brings out the worst in Sean. Things become personal and he loses perspective. A tragedy results.

Jack Reed (played by Gary Graham) is a successful businessman. But success and money cannot get you the important things in life. As a result of his success he has drifted away from his family. He also has lost perspective. When he finally wakes up and hopes for a reconciliation it ends up being too late. Sean and Jack are brought together through a tragedy. Brought together via pain the two men form a bond that has them working towards healing together.


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