Horrible Bosses – Blu-ray Edition

This was in many people’s books along with Bridesmaids the funniest comedy film of the year (2011).  It was also a surprise hit.  Seth Gordon’s (Four Christmases) film was easily relatable in some respects for many of us because at some point in our lives everyone has had a horrible boss.  He and screenwriters Michael Markowitz (television series Becker), John Francis Daley (stars in television’s Bones) and Jonathan Goldstein (television series The New Adventures of Old Christine) took that idea and ran with it.  And ran.  And ran. And…well, you get the picture.  The horrible bosses in this film are so despicable and disgusting that it is nothing but a good time watching their antics and the plots to dispose of them by their employees.

Nick (Jason Bateman – Hancock, Paul), Dale (Charlie Day – from television’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Kurt (Jason Sudekis – from television’s Saturday Night Live) all hate their bosses.  And for good reason as they are all beyond horrible.  Nick’s boss Mr. Harken (Kevin Spacey – The Life of David Gale, Unusual Suspects) expects him to work incredibly long hours and also is blackmailing him so he cannot quit.  Dale’s boss is dentist Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston – from television’s Friends), who continuously and aggressively makes sexual advances on him despite the fact that he is engaged to be married.  He cannot quit his job as he is wrongfully on the child sex offenders list and has little to no chance of finding other gainful employment.  Kurt liked his original boss and job that is until he died and his drug addicted, psycho of a son, Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell – Fright Night, Alexander), takes over.  It is tough to think about quitting in such a depressed economic time.  These guys are all stuck in their hells.  Or are they?

On one drunken evening the three men jokingly talk about killing their bosses.  One thing leads to another and they have hired a murder consultant that Dale has found on Craigslist who calls himself the Wetwork Man (Ioan Gruffudd – Fantastic Four, Titanic).  This guy is going to help the three desperate men kill their bosses.

Unlike most comedies, but like many good thrillers or action dramas, Horrible Bosses is filled with twists and turns and surprises.  Expect the unexpected with this one.  It manages to consistently stay one step ahead of you.  One thing that was completely unexpected and worked like a charm was good girl Jennifer Aniston playing a thoroughly despicable character type usually saved for males.  She is a sexual predator and will not take no for an answer.  Playing against type Aniston is wonderful.  It also shows that she is capable of playing more than one type of character.

What you can expect and it does deliver on is laughs.  The film is so out of left field that you’ll laugh a lot at the ridiculousness of it all.  It is filled with profane language and some crass humour, but unlike many other comedies nowadays it never truly crosses the line.  The script is great with fast paced dialogue and dark humour.  One of the more original ideas to come down the comedy pipe in years.

The whole premise, while hysterical, is completely ludicrous, but that is why it is often so funny.  It really doesn’t matter that it doesn’t make much sense as the oddness is part of the attraction and the reason it works.  You even find yourself rooting for them to all be successful in their attempts to kill their bosses because none of it is rooted in reality.

Special Features:

-UltraViolet Digital Copy
-Extended Cut Feature Film with 8 minutes of all new hilarious moments not seen in theatres
-Theatrical Cut Feature Film
-My Least Favorite Career
-Surviving A Horrible Boss
-Being Mean Is So Much Fun
-Deleted Scenes
-Making of the Horrible Bosses soundtrack

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