New Zealand native Tom Lee-Richards summons childhood nostalgia to craft intricate songs with organic instrumentation. Tom recalls, “I wrote about the apparent simplicity and stillness in childhood memories contrasting with the complexity and sometimes oddness of negotiating and understanding adult life.” That coming-of-age experience traces deep questions about the factors that shape our personalities and life choices. Much like fellow Kiwi and movie director, Taika Waititi’s films, Tom’s music captures the emotional happy/sad duality of life.

The single, “Out of The Oddness” recounts a true story about when Tom broke his arm on the first day of primary school. Luckily, his brother was nearby to rescue him. No doubt a harrowing experience for any young boy, Tom retells the story in a cinematic way that enables listeners to channel their own childhood memories.

Tom holds a strong connection to film, as demonstrated in the “As Far As India” music video, where he spliced and edited footage from friends and fans’ old home videos. The scenes are very close to Tom’s own memories growing up in NZ, giving the viewer an insight into Tom’s inspiration for song material, where the lyrical content comes to life on screen. This light-hearted reflection counteracts the heavy music video for “Madness,” that forces viewers to confront mental illness and homelessness. Tom Lee-Richard’s Mini LP combines elements of humour and tragedy to shape our listening and viewing experiences in life. Both Tom and Taika Waititi “explore the painful comedy of growing up and interpreting the world.”


Tom Lee-Richards Mini LP will be available 23rd February 2018.

Track List:

Beside You

The Wearing Kind

Out of the Oddness

As Far As India

A Little More

The Comeback Kid









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