Halo Legends – Blu-ray Edition

Halo is one of most popular video game series and now it is also a animated series. This collection contains seven stories told in eight parts. Halo tells the story of man’s battle with the Covenant. These episodes deal with the origins of the Master Chief, the superior fighting capabilities of the Spartans and the rivalry between the Spartans and Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST).

Episode 1: Origins I: Halo becomes the last resort after the flood strikes.

Episode 2: Origins II: Peace comes to the galaxy, but it doesn’t last long.

Episode 3: The Duel: Two Covenant warriors engage in a battle over honour.

Episode 4: Homecoming: We learn how the Spartans are created and trained.

Episode 5: Odd One Out: The story of the legendary soldier – Spartan 1337.

Episode 6: Prototype: A leader is sad about the past and the mistakes he made in combat.

Episode 7: The Babysitter: A small group of UNSC ODST are sent on a mission to eliminate a Covenant threat and slow the advance of the alien armada.

Episode 8: The Package: The Covenant have intercepted a very important package to humanity and the UNSC decides to send Blue Team to recover it.

Special Features:

-Audio Commentary

-The Making of Halo Legends

-Gaming Evolved

-The Story So Far


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