Mom and Dad – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

This is the Purge for parents. Something is going on in an American suburb which infects parents and results in them attacking their own kids. Scary concept. Because there is a little truth there. At some point in every parent’s life they feel like they want to kill their kids. Most do not act on it. Scary to think that the people (your parents) that you are supposed to trust the most will be the person to attack you physically.

Teenagers are difficult in the best of circumstances. Most drive their parents crazy. Kendall Ryan (Selma Blair – Cruel Intentions, Hellboy) is upset as her daughter Carly (Anne Winters -from television’s 13 Reasons Why) is pulling further and further away. They used to have a close relationship, but not anymore.

Parents due to some virus or the like are now hunting their own kids. Ruthlessly and relentlessly. The authorities don’t seem to know what is going on or how to handle it. This leaves the kids to their own devices. All they have to fend off the attacks are their wits.

Carly gets her younger brother Josh (Zackary Arthur – from television’s Transparent) and tries to avoid being killed by their suddenly crazed parents. Things get even more tricky when grandparents, Mel (Lance Henriksen – Aliens, The Terminator) and Barbara (Marilyn Dodds Frank – The 40-Year-Old Virgin, High Fidelity), show up for dinner.

Zany is as zany does. Brian Taylor’s (Gamer, Taylor), director and screenwriter, film is chock full of full tilt crazy fun. Go in expecting a trashy horror and you won’t be disappointed. Expect anything else and you will be. It is simple.

Horror and comedy is a tricky mix. Here we have low budget grindhouse. There is no attempt to make this a smart film. It knows that it is silly and does not pretend to be anything else. Though there is some social satire to be found for those who don’t want to completely turn their brains off.

Another intriguing part of the film is the opportunity to watch the already unhinged Nicholas Cage go wild. Nicholas Cage as a lunatic. Both he and Selma Blair are perfectly cast. It is not surprising to any to see Cage revelling in a batpoop crazy character. He can do over-the-top hysteria in his sleep at this point. What is a little more surprising, though it really should not be, is how good Blair is. She plays the tired, middle class, bored, middle class mother turned psycho with relish.

Yes, there is some room for improvement here. Mostly in regards to dialogue and character development, but all that is probably due to a lack of funds. Some of the storyline is rather disjointed.

Make some popcorn, don’t take it too seriously, put your feet up and enjoy!

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