The swan song for Peter Capaldi in the titular role. It is the annual Christmas special. It is a fine sending off and an occasion to get some of the “old gang” back together. David Bradley and Pearl Mackie are back for Capaldi’s last kick at the Doctor Who can. It is a fitting end to an era in the long history of Doctor Who.

The twelfth Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) is still refusing to regenerate. He is hanging on. While all this is going on he meets the first Doctor (played by David Bradley) and they are off on an adventure together.

In an Arctic landscape Number 12 comes face to face with his former self, Number 1. Their voyage together involves a World War I veteran (played by Mark Gatiss) and glass-like entities.

The story is rather timely with it concerned with hope in dark times. Result is that is heartwarming, fun and bittersweet. Special effects and cinematography work well together to make this a nice episode to look at.

Bradley, the first Doctor Who, and Capaldi have great chemistry together onscreen. Each plays superbly off the other. Some of their back and forth banter is really funny. Sad that it is Peter Capaldi’s time to go. His Doctor has become a rather well-rounded one.

This one was much better than the Christmas special of 2016. Plus you get the introduction of the Thirteenth Doctor – Jodie Whittaker. Yes, it is brief, but enough to make you want more.

Special Features:

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