Restaurant Review – Burger Bar Crescent

You will find no shortage of restaurants that serve burgers but if you are looking for a great gourmet burger experience then you absolutely should try Burger Bar.

Owners and brothers Morrie and Ari opened their Burger Bar restaurant in May 2011 and they have become well known for their wide selection of delicious burgers. They have something for every taste. They use fresh ingredients and their sauces are homemade. According to their manager Mark, the only thing frozen at their restaurant is the ice cream.

The most popular burgers are the Hangover Burger and the Jack Daniels BBQ Burger. The Hangover burger was voted Best Burger in 2013 during Montreal’s Burger Week, so make sure you give that a try. You will have to visit this restaurant often as there are so many interesting options to select from.

We began our meal with an order of tasty mozzarella sticks with Arrabiata sauce. They were well spiced and crispy. The Grilled Shrimp with remoulade and cherry tomatoes was delicious. The tangy flavored shrimps with the sour cream based sauce was enjoyable.

My dinner guests and I consulted with Mark and decided to select from some of his recommendations. The Wild Shroom burger was a great option. It is made with AAA beef patty, balsamic glaze, sautéed wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, arugula and roasted garlic mayo. This generous sized burger was delicious. Lots of mushrooms and the combination of these ingredients really works well together. We got a side order of crispy sweet potato fries that comes with a spicy mayo for dipping.  The sweetness of the potatoes worked well in combination with spiciness of the mayo.

The Samurai burger is a must try as well. It is made with fried sesame and almond crusted salmon fillet, wakame salad, tomato, red onion and wasabi mayo. The flavors are really interesting and this is quite a unique burger so you should for sure try it. The buns they use for their burgers are also a worthy mention. They were perfectly toasted. The best burger buns we have tried. Served with a side order of coleslaw was unique as instead of a typical mayo dressing, it was marinated in a mustard based vinaigrette.

Vegetarians will surely enjoy their black bean and veggie burger. If you like your burger spicy then we recommend the Firestorm burger that consists of jalapeno havarati, 911 sauce, banana peppers, jalapeno relish, spicy mayo and tomato. This might sound like a lot of spice but it is a tasty kind of spicy. The side order of fries was also top notch and perfectly salted.

For those of you who like mac & cheese, you should  try their awesome pesto mac & cheese. This dish is perfectly spiced and has the right amount of cheese, not heavy and the noodles were al dente.

To accompany your meal, you can select from a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We tried the refreshing  Bourbon lemonade made with bourbon, ginger syrup, lemon bitters and perseco.  The St-Germain Cosmopolitan was a great choice as well, made with Ketel One vodka, St-Germain, pineapple juice with a dash of lime. This is one of their most unique martinis so it is a must try.

For dessert, we recommend that you order the Jack Daniels pecan pie with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The best pecan pie we have tried. Very generous ingredients, chocolatey and just the right touch of sweetness.  This is the way pecan pie should be.  Another great option is the homemade chocolate chip cookies with ice cream. Very tasty and was oozing with chocolate.

We really enjoyed our meal at Burger Bar and recommend you give it a try.

Burger Bar 1465 Crescent Montreal

Tel:  514-903-5575

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