Nightmare Air – Fade Out

When you name your band after a skateboard move from an 80s skate film you are going to have that oddball label tacked on to you. The trio – Jimmy Lucido (drums), Dave Dupuis (vocals), Swaan Miller (vocals) – live up to expectations by having creating a rather unique sound which is a combo of rock and synthesizer. They have also been called a shoegaze band. What they themselves seem to focus on is making music that really hits you. The latest, Fade Out, is like a wall of sound that just assaults you. Plenty of the tunes found here are of the epic variety with a complex layer of different things going on. Most is centered around the marriage of guitar/synthesizer and the boy-girl vocal harmonies. The best example of this comes in the form of the song “Who’s Your Lover” which is at its roots a pure anthem which will remind many of alternative bands from the 80s like The Cure. Despite the sonic heaviness found here the result is a rather upbeat body of work. Makes sense that a band who has shared the stage with acts like The Cult, The Dandy Warhols, The Kills, The Buzzcocks, The Black Lips and Fishbone that they slide in easily alongside them in the music world.

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