Rugrats: Season 4

The Rugrats television shows continue to be released slowly. Two seasons at a time, we are now up to Season 4. Nothing has really been tinkered with other than they have been upgraded in regards to sound (HD) and visuals. Fear not as this is still a pure representation of animation from the 90s. Many adults now will have a sense of the nostalgia rewatching this series with their kids. And you can watch this with your kids and not want to slit your wrists.

All the writing in this series is rather intelligent. Whether it be jokes or plot. So much so that both kids and adults can relate to what is going on. Because the writing is strong the characters, despite the fact that many are still in diapers, are well-rounded and developed. Even the adults, instead of being only stereotypes, are cool and realistically portrayed.

The only complaint is that there are once again no extras.

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