American Pie 2: Unrated – Blu-ray Edition

American Pie II is essentially the continuation of 1999’s mega-hit American Pie, o­nly this time they’ve just finished their freshman year at college and are returning home for a lazy suburban summer.

In a fit of boredom, Kevin is inspired by his older brother (Casey Affleck) to take off to Steve Stifler’s (Seann William Scott) beach house, with the rest of the crowd in tow. The result is a whole lot of beach, beer, and babes.

American Pie 2, like its predecessor, relies mainly o­n scatological, sexual and physical humour. Of course, lovable hunk Jim Levenstein, played by Jason Biggs, o­nce again gets himself in a sticky mess.  The lesbian scene in the middle of the film tends to drag a little, but overall, the laughs keep coming. The great pop-punk soundtrack also helps to set the tone and keeps things hopping.

Fortunately, each of the main characters is given just enough depth to keep the movie interesting.  Thomas Ian Nicholas, who plays Kevin, just wasn’t o­n screen enough, nor was Natasha Lyonne (the scrappy Jessica). Eddie Kaye Thomas, looking like a cross between Mr. Bean and Joshua Jackson of Dawson’s Creek took up too much screen time.

All in all, American Pie II is dirty summer-time fun.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Deleted Scenes


-The Baking of “American Pie 2”

-“American Reunion”: A Look Inside

-Good Times With Cast & Crew

-Be Like That

=Theatrical Trailer

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