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Iconic Swedish director Ingmar Bergman is a man whose shadow casts over film even today. The man is considered a master of his craft by most. In celebration of what would have been his 100th birthday, Manuelle Blanc (Warlikovski) brings to light the man in a particular period of his career.

Bibi Andersson et Liv Ullmann

In 1965 Bergman released the film Persona. It is a cult film which, according to this biography, really puts into one package the director’s obsessions. His twenty-seventh film is credited with saving his sanity. Previous to the film Bergman was struck down with some variety of physical ailments which developed into a rather total breakdown. Apparently, what pulled him out was the meeting with Liv Ullman and Bibi Andersson, the ensuing nugget of an idea for a film and then the subsequent shooting of Persona.

Odd though because the film was birthed out of chaos. Previous to it the man considered the greatest director of his era thought that he was crap. That he could or rather should no longer make films. He was suffering from bouts of vertigo and was hospitalized for months. It was only when his path crossed with former lover and a woman who starred in several of his films, Bibi. She was with her friend and fellow actress Liv Ullman, whom Bergman had never met before. And boom! It was kismet. Bergman was struck by how alike the two women looked. He returned to the hospital, but the image of the two never really left him.

Two months later the script for Persona was written and he hired his two muses to star in this film about a woman who renders herself mute in order to help a woman who is mute. The film was shot on the island of Faro in Sweden. Bergman claims it is the film for him that unlocked all the secrets and potential of the seventh art.

The film was written by Maria Sjoberg but is based on writings from the director himself and interviews with close friends and film critics.

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