Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera , un passion devorante @ Le FIFA

Two of the biggest artists of the 20th century hailed from Mexico. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. They were both painters and passionate about what they did. As fate would have it they met and fell in love. Soon being labelled “the elephant and the dove”. This was because they were quite different in looks and otherwise. All this rolled into a ball makes for the basis for a very interesting and enlightening documentary.

Attempting to look at any relationship is a big undertaking when you are trying to reveal the essence of a relationship between two famous and beloved people then the difficulty level rises exponentially. This film tries to bring to light what went on between Kahlo and Rivera. How they were similar. How they differed. What brought them together. Their effect upon their native Mexico and the art world as a whole.

Both Kahlo and Rivera were extremely complex human beings. Onions with many, many layers. Rivera was a big man in terms of his physical size. It almost seems natural then that he would turn towards murals as his primary format of painting. He focused on the working class and how they were discriminated against. Kahlo focused on the body. More precisely, her body. How she felt broken. Both were rather mercurial and volcanic in nature and temperament. Those qualities probably made them better painters, but also made them “difficult” people.

Catherine Aventurier tries to look at the two from a different viewpoint. Bringing something new to the table and the discussion about the two artists. The angle she comes at during the 50-odd minutes is a look at how the vast differences between the two were actually what brought them together. The kernel underneath it all is that they were both extremely passionate about painting and approaching their chosen medium from the perspective of revolutionaries. Their paintings, in their own unique ways, celebrate Mexico. Old Mexico. Mexican traditions. Aventurier follows their lives across the globe trekking to Mexico, San Francisco, Paris, and Detroit to tell their fascinating tale.

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