Daddy’s Home 2 – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Brad (Will Ferrell – Blades of Glory, The House) and Dusty (Mark Wahlberg – The Fighter, The Departed) have finally figured out how to parent together. They have settled into a sort of rhythm. All this peace and harmony is upset when two more dads enter the picture. Those two dads are Brad and Dusty’s dads.

Christmas is coming up and the blended family has decided instead of having two separate Christmas’ that they will spend the holidays together. They will also have a couple of guests for the holidays – the two grandfathers. Like their sons, the two men could not be more different from one another. Brad’s dad Don (John Lithgow – Pitch Perfect 3, The World According to Garp) is warm and affectionate whereas Dusty and Kurt (Mel Gibson – Braveheart, Ransom) don’t really get along because Kurt is rough around the edges to say the least.

Same as the first is basically the name of the game here. But less funny and sometimes even offensive. The writing is lazy (how many times are we going to see Will Ferrell play essentially the same character? I am bored, isn’t he?) with precious little that can be called original going on here. Laughs fall into the category of cheap with the sight gags being all they have to hang their hat on.

Then there is the whole sappy storyline surrounding a member of the family that hangs in the background. Can you say out of place? What was the point? It really does nothing for the film and just feels tacked on. Sigh…

This falls into the typical second film in a comedy series category. In that they are just trying to cash in quickly on the success of the first and fail. Most of the “jokes” are shown in the trailer with nothing left to make us laugh. Too bad because the chemistry between Ferrell and Wahlberg is pretty good.

Special Features:

-Making a Sequel

-Look Who’s Back

-Co-Dads: Will & Mark

-The New Dads in Town: Mel & John

-Captain Sully

-Deleted/Extended/Alternate Scenes

-Gag Reel

-Digital Copy

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