Expo Manger, Santé et Vivre Vert 2018

Rare is it the type of event or festival where even if you attend year after year that they manage to bring something new each time. Such can be said about the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert which happened over this past weekend. For three days the Expo brings to people all the trends and new things in regards to living a healthier and greener life. It is not all crunchy granola so no need to be frightened off. What it is is a gathering in the Palais de Congres of over 300 booths which bring you anything from food, supplements, household cleaning products, beauty and skincare products, aromatherapy, drinks, and gardening. What’s not to like?

As I said, every year I go and every year I learn something new. This year the trends were clear for anyone to see. This year it was heavy on aromatherapy, beauty products and urban gardening. Obviously people in the city are interested in growing their own herbs and veggies either in the small areas they have like flower boxes or balconies on even inside their apartments/condos/small homes. The range of possibilities was surprisingly vast from using wall space to small containers. In the last year or so things like essential oil diffusers have become more and more popular. In response to that several entrepreneurs/artisans/businesses were there with a myriad of essential oils that were geared towards different ailments like colds, sleeplessness or even mental clarity.

The room is packed with people eager to discover. So much so that it is sometimes hard to decide where to start with all the sights and smells that greet you upon entering. Each booth is manned by people fully versed in the products they have on display. They wait there to talk to anyone interested. So you can go there to have your eyes and minds opened. Education about greener lifestyle possibilities and healthier food consumption is the name of the game. Plus most booths gave you the opportunity to sample some of their products. There was so much to try. If you went there hungry you were not leaving that way. Besides the samples most booths were also selling things at reduced prices than what you can get in stores. On top of that the taxes were already included in the prices. So you could sample something, enjoy it and walk away with a small supply of it.

Here are a small example of the types of booths/products that were there to be discover:

Veraudace: veggie-based ice creams and sorbets


 PB&Me  PB&Me is an all-natural, low calorie powdered peanut and almond butter with 90% less calories from fat than a traditional spreads. With only 45 calories and upwards of 6g of protein per serving, you can enjoy PB&Me in your shakes and smoothies, as a gluten-free ingredient in baking or mixed with water for a delicious creamy spread.


Yofit: carrageenan-free, sugar-free, soy-free new chickpea milk product with 10g of protein per serving


La Shop agricole: a great selection of products for the urban gardener!


Champignons maison: grow your own mushrooms at home!


Savoura: year-round Quebec-grown strawberries


U Main artisanal vegan cheese making kits

GoGo Quinoa – new lentil and quinoa pasta


Quinoades – quinoa sauces: curry & coco, tomato & red bean, spinach & basil…


Tout cru!:  lacto-fermented pickles, seaweed sauerkraut, juniper berry sauerkraut…etc


Varech Phare est: the Wakame Atlantique de  Rich in minerals (calcium, iron, iodine) and versatile, can be cooked like a leafy vegetable in soups, sautéed or in salad


Nature & Moi – brand new vegan cheese products


Ruisseau Vert houblon pétillant, fizzy water with hops


Gusta: new vegan cheeses and vegan mayo range


Micro-Pousses DoSO Inc.  New range of micro-greens


www.thehealtea.com organic iced herbal teas


Maman Autrement reusable glass straw and many other great eco products 


Upbio: organic black chocolate containing 40mg of theine.


Olimega: camelina honey


Vganmenu: vegan pre-prepared meal delivery


Choose Life: vegan jamaican patties made with local, organic, responsibly-sourced ingredients


Super Kale Vibes:  beetroot, parsnip and carrot chips


Giddy Yo Chaga chocolate bar


Aliments Racine: new wild mushroom vegan burger


Ferme apicole Mosaïque: range of wellness honeys

– Asclepios Honey Immunity 25PLUS is used to strengthen the immune system- Morpheus Honey Good night helps to gain sleep- Easy Digestion Gargantua Honey is used to support the digestive system.


Gourmet Sauvage: The sweet clover essence, the boreal vanilla! Created from the tiny sweet clover flowers carefully sorted with tongs, the sweet clover essence has complex and intoxicating notes of vanilla, almond and hay. It perfumes perfectly crepe or cake preparations, coffee and cocktails. Use it in the same proportions as vanilla in your recipes


Impress Foods: gaspacho – ready to drink soups (launch at the expo)


As the amount of booths and human traffic there was a testament to, living a greener life is becoming more and more popular. Even athletes are getting into it. Former NHL player Georges Laraque, a vegan, is part owner or investor in two of the companies/establishments that were there. He is a co-owner of Rise Kombucha drink and of the 100% plant based or vegan restaurant Delicieux. He was there to meet, take selfies with and discuss being an vegan athlete with everyone.


Besides the booths in the corners of the room were areas set aside for workshops on things like cooking and supplements that went on all weekend.


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