I am Bolt

Probably the biggest and best known track and field and Olympic athlete is Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. There has always been something mythical about men’s 100 metre sprinters. Having the title of the fastest human being on the Earth is something that people are drawn to. Plenty of respect and reverence are heaped on that person. For three Olympics now, that has been Usain Bolt.

The documentary gives you unprecedented access to the man. Using video (some shot by Bolt himself on his phone), interviews and footage we get a picture of the man, his training and competitions, talent, family, and what drove him to become who he is. What comes out of it is what it means to be Jamaican and how down to earth he is.

A window to what it takes to be this calibre of athlete. The sacrifices and training that goes into being a world class athlete and then the next level of being the best in the world. We also see that attaining this level is not reserved for the rich. Bolt grew up poor and still was able to become the fastest sprinter in the world. Shows that hard work and determination can bring you far.

This nine time champion/gold medallist when he is not training (and even when he is) has a joie de vivre which is contagious. He loves to joke and laugh. So much so that you cannot help but have a smile on your face as you watch him.

An inspiration and very likable man, Usain Bolt and his story is really watchable. Even for those who are not heavy duty fans of sprinting or the Olympics.

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