Similar to his last album. Vibes-wise, at least. So, if you liked what you heard previously from this guy then snap Nation of Two up. Still, don’t think he is just recreating what worked before. There are some differences. One, is that this, from front to back, is a more solid album. While it does not have as many obvious hit singles like his last one, Dream Your Life Away, did; it is an album in which you will not be skipping tracks when you listen to it. “Saturday Sun”, “Lay It on Me” and “We’re Going Home” are the standout tracks, for me. The breezy nature of his sound makes Joy’s music easy to like and listen to. Lyrically the album’s theme is finding “that” relationship which will fulfill and complete you. Unfortunately that seems a little to ambitious for him. Meaning the words to the songs do not live up to the attempted sentiment. They are often predictable and fluffy. Thankfully the dreamy nature of his sound, luxuriousness of the melodies and the pep in his voice more than make up for the failings of the lyrics. Catchy and fun though light on creativity.