After the success of 1976’s Freak Friday starring a pre-pubescent Jodie Foster, the parent/child switcheroo formula became a genre of its own. Since then, everyone from Alan Thicke to Shelly Long has been swapping places with their o­nscreen offspring in an attempt to garner giggles. Now, Freaky Friday is back for an entirely new generation of teeny boppers.

Besides the pop-rock soundtrack and bellybutton rings, there’s nothing that fresh about this remake starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. However, even somewhat stale cinema can manage to be entertaining. Lohan stars as Annabel, a punk rocker for the Avril Lavigne crowd who can’t see eye to eye with her straight-laced mother Tess. During a trip to a Chinese restaurant, a grandmotherly Asian stereotype intervenes during an argument by handing the two women fortune cookies. This leads to the family members exchanging bodies, which director Waters milks for as many laughs as possible.

Everything from teenage rebellion to middle-aged monotony is dealt with in a humorous, G-rated fashion which is sure to please the entire family. Unlike Face/Off, there is absolutely no method acting involved in the making of this picture. The viewer never forgets that it’s the actresses doing shtick. Throughout the film, the two ladies overact a storm; o­ne hamming it up as a control freak (Lohan) and the other doing her best caricature of an immature badass (Curtis).

Even though Freaky Friday has Disney written all over it, the movie is classic, conventional entertainment which definitely deserves a viewing–at least until the next body swapping extravaganza comes along.

Special Features”

-Deleted Scenes

-Freaky Bloopers

-Backstage Pass with Lindsay Lohan

-Alternative Ending Described by the Director