Jim Cuddy has been a long beaming light on the Canadian music scene. Whether with his band Blue Rodeo or solo the man has produced a ton of great music over the past three decades. He never disappoints. This is another strong body of work. Cuddy really is about the body. Not one to focus on making singles, rather he makes albums. That seems to have gone out of style of late, but not for this man. Listening to it anticipation is built up for hearing it live. As any good body of music should. This could be right up there with the best solo work Cuddy has done. Because of his distinctive voice and all that he has done with Blue Rodeo it does make it hard to distinguish this from his band work. That means soundwise there are not many surprises to be found. It varies seamlessly between roots rock to alt country. Then there are a few of those signature ballads his voice is perfectly suited for. Lyrically, the songs have that personal and vulnerable feel to them. If you are a fan of his music with Blue Rodeo then this is a must purchase.