Hanna Lindgren, known as Constine, is a Swedish singer, songwriter, musician and producer. She’s keen on having full control of her art and is committed to releasing music under her terms, on her own label.

Taken from her forthcoming debut EP,‘Die’ is about paradoxes; about someone who is close, yet terribly far away at the same time. It channels the emotion of being on the verge of losing yourself.
Constine says:
 I knew I wanted to record an acoustic live session, although I didn’t really like the visual concept of an acoustic live session. So we kept the audio acoustic and live but let the visual get more like an actual music video. I wanted to stay true to the song and appreciate the darkness one feels when they’re about to lose themselves. There’s something mysterious about that state of being and I really wanted to capture that. I think my director, Amanda Pousette, really did and managed to depict what it’s like to be on the verge“.
The video is a live dark rendition of Constine performing her debut track ‘Die’ with the help of a cello and a bodhran drum.  Constine put her first track in the capable hands of Amanda Pousette who, like the singer herself is a powerful and strong lady, who directed, filmed, designed the set as well as edited the video.​​​​​​​
Her sound is a blend of melodramatic, lowkey indie-pop and up-tempo dance music, reminiscent of Melanie Martinez and Sky Ferreira. A unique voice on top of electronic, yet organic, beats and exotic instruments gained Constine attention from Kaltblut,DubiksThe Concert In ConcertThat Buzzing Sound and Disco Naïveté.