Colin Kutchyera and La+Ch (Coleman Hell’s Collective) have combined their efforts with the result being Kutch. It is a combination which should come as a surprise to no one. Both have a long history with each other (a three decade friendship) along with experimental and electronic music. Great minds think alike, they say. The result is Notionside a collection of strong electro pop music. It is their debut album and signals good things to come. This despite the fact that they have left experimentation or any type of risk taking by the wayside for now. Everything on the album plays it rather safe. The two certainly know how to draw you in with catchy hooks. Many songs will only take a listen or two to remain stuck in your mind. A perfect example of this is the album’s first track, “Collecaible”. Many of the tracks on the album could definitely be considered single material and fit in well on radio.