We just have to let it go. Meaning rom-coms are pretty much set up in a way that the premise is ridiculous. Just roll with it, people! The JLo vehicle for a few years back is a perfect example of that. Yes, the premise is ridiculous. But if you are in the mood for a lighter than air rom-com or are a big Jennifer Lopez fan then this could fill the bill.

Not willing to wait anymore to find the perfect man or more accurately pushing most men out of her life, Zoe (played by Jennifer Lopez) decides to take matters into her own hands. She decides that in order to have a child she is going to undergo artificial insemination. The very day she tries it for the first time she meets Stan (played by Alex O’Loughlin) and though they don’t really hit it off at first there is a little spark there.

They end up starting to see each other and shortly into that Zoe finds out she is pregnant. Not wanting to freak him out, she keeps that to herself for a while. When she finally blurts it out Stan is taken aback. To say the least. The question is now, whether he is in for the long haul or is running for the hills.

Overacting and cliches abound here. It is more telenovella style rather than typical romantic comedy. Plus it just chugs along so predictably that by the end your will or want to like it has oozed out of your body. I still found myself wanting to like what I was watching then there was an awful scene (that was supposed to be funny, I guess) of a woman giving birth at home in a kiddie pool that totally brought me over to the “I can’t even” side. Weak story and precious little chemistry between the two leads make this a film that I wanted to like but in the end could not.

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