It was freezing outside… But if you ask them they’d say they met in spring. One of them had shorts that were a little too short even though the other wore shores that were just as long. And just like that, you’ve already figured out what I’m talking about a girl and a boy.

Planet Earth. 8 Billion egos. Oceans, some old books, and weird sexual preferences are just some of the things that divide us from one another. The probability for two people with different WI-FI’s to actually connect is … quite small!

A boy keeps saying things he thinks the girl wants to hear but never ask her any questions.

The girl doesn’t agree with the world but she’s tired and chooses to smile.

Two bedrooms, a black president and a living room filled with my toys later nothing has really changed. It’s still freezing outside but mom and dad pretend that it’s spring. They’re programmed. What does that make me…?

ROBOT is the third single from the ground-breaking Swedish act HUMAN written by Daniel Adams-Ray, Petter Tarland, and Carl Wikström.

HUMAN is not a person or a band, instead, it’s a collective that aims to bring the masses together again through empowerment and music. As Daniel puts it: “(Human) is me and whoever is involved, including you’’, so join the movement!

A full-length album from HUMAN is expected to drop in fall 2018.