Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

Previous to this I have always dismissed Demi Lovato as one of those untalented Disney kids. I will now admit that I have been totally wrong about her. Demetria Lovato is a musical force to be reckoned with. First off, because she has a great voice. A true diva’s voice a la Christina Aguilera, Adele or Kelly Clarkson. As her career has gone on (this is the 25-tear-old’s sixth album) she has learned how to use her voice meaning she does not fall prey to oversinging as much anymore. On several tracks here she is rather hushed in tone and it is very effective. Really learning how to communicate a song rather than just singing. The material here is more worthy of the person she has become. More so than her earlier work, I mean. Now, after trying out many pop sub-genres, she seems to have settled into a more mature sounding R&B which suits her fine. Longtime fans know that the lady takes to power ballads like a duck to water. There are several choice numbers of that type here. Both the title track and “You Don’t Do It for Me Anymore” are examples of the how her voice suits ballads and how she emotionally sells them with an ease not often found today. So you are not completely worn out by the vocal athleticism she then wisely moves on to something lighter like the kiss off themed “Sorry Not Sorry”. The first single has resulted in the biggest hit of her career so far. She then bounces around from one fun track like “Games” to another “Daddy Issues”. Even within the fun you can see the serious. “Sexy Dirty Love” has a pre-chorus that alludes to her well documented addictions. Reveals a young woman we instantly are drawn to and want to get to know better.

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