Steve McQueen: American Icon

Despite the passing of time, Steve McQueen remains one of America’s most beloved actors. This despite it being 50 years since the height of his popularity. He was just the type of cool which attracted both women and men. Women wanted to love him and men wanted to be him. All that being said, precious little is known about the man as he was intensely private. A Hollywood star who didn’t play the fame game. Mega fan of McQueen, Greg Laurie, travels around the country in his McQueen style Mustang trying to unlock the mystery that was the man.

The center of the story is how a man who from the outside seemed to have everything was not fulfilled. So later in his life he began to turn to Christianity. It is about Steve McQueen – the public and private man – but through the lens of his journey to faith. He was looking for something greater to cling to than his fame.

Though his entire life is run through. You get a picture of it from birth until his death at a relatively young age. The light and the darkness that made up the man. There is, however, not too much about his film career. That might anger some fans who are not really into the whole religious angle.

Special Features:


  • Mel Gibson Interview
  • Barbara Minty McQueen Interview
  • Message from Greg Laurie
  • Discovery of the Bullitt


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