Around the time that this film was released (1993) Bill Murray was one of the biggest comedic actors in Hollywood. He had done films like Scrooged, Ghostbusters, Tootsie, and Meatballs and television like SCTV and Saturday Night Live. He had name recognition and could carry a film.

Groundhog Day seems to have become more beloved as time goes on. It was appreciated initially then through word of mouth its reputation grew. For good reason. Not only is it funny and endearing, but really shows the breadth of Bill Murray’s talent. Certainly should be ranked amidst the best films of his career.

In a funny way, the film shows how we should live our lives over the finite amount a time we have. Great insights of how we can live a fulfilling life. Plus plenty of laughs along the way.

Phil Connors (played by Bill Murragy) is a cynical type. He works as a weatherman at a local television station and is quite unhappy in life. Due to a faulty prediction of the weather he ends up trapped in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania due to a huge snowstorm. Worse than that he had to relive the day (February 2) over and over again. Those around him seem oblivious to the fact that they are just repeating the same day over and over again.

Initially Phil is frustrated with the fact that he is living the same day over and over then he has an epiphany. He begins to realize what is important in life. Soon he is caring more about others than he does himself. The arrogant, self absorbed man soon becomes someone very likeable.

Harold Ramis (Analyze That, Caddyshack) started off as an actor on television’s SCTV then moved on to writing and directing. He became one of the few directors who really could bring comedic timing to whatever he was doing whether it be a film like Vacation or television like The Office. Woven within all the humour is plenty of heartfelt and poignant moments. Moments which make the humour all the more funny. Takes a delicate touch to get this balancing act right and Ramis shows he is more than up to the task.

Ramis and Murray team up to make a film that re-watchable over and over while remaining enjoyable.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

    • Audio Commentary: Director Harold Ramis
    • A Different Day: An Interview with Harold Ramis
    • The Weight of Time
    • The Study of Groundhogs: A Real Life Look at Marmots
    • Needle Nose Ned’s Picture-in-Picture Track
  • Deleted Scenes