While they hail from Stockholm, Sweden, LOCALS musical hearts and minds are rooted firmly in the UK, taking influence from the likes of legendary 90s label Creation Records. New track ‘Think Before I Talk’ is a rework of a song by Norwegian pop icon Astrid S. Her catchy pop melodies shine through, but the band have taken things up a notch with crashing drums, anthemic vocal harmonies and guitar riffs that sound like they were built to fill stadiums.


The band were enamoured with the original, telling us “There’s just something about it you know… it’s a really cool track with great melodies and vocals. Our version is more rock n’ roll-like than the original. It’s the crash and burn phase of our live set. When everything and everyone just goes off.”


Having grown up hearing rock n’ roll classics such as the Beatles, alongside 90s pioneers Primal Scream and the Stone Roses, they’re on a mission to recapture the vitality of guitar music saying “we want to bring back spirit of the nineties and show that bands are more alive than ever, and that rock n’ roll is still the most powerful tool mankind has ever seen.”


LOCALS’ tunes are already winning them fans across the globe, performing at Where’s The Music? Festival, touring in Scandinavia and the US and being inclusions in Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday and Indie Highlights.