The animated series, part of the Depatie/Freleng collection, originally aired in North America in 1976. It was part of the popular Pink Panther stable. All 34 shorts that ever aired are found here. It was the last series by the tandem of directors Bob McKimson and Sid Marcus as they passed in 1977 and 1979 respectively.

A play on the Spielberg Jaws film though not nearly as scary. The aim here is to make you laugh. Misterjaw (voiced by Arte Johnson) speaks with a German accent and is joined in his hijinx by his friend Catfish (voiced by Arnold Stang). It is a play on the Coyote-Roadrunner premise. The shark is determined to eat the much smaller (and wilier) fish, Harry Halibut (voiced by Bob Ogle). Time and time again his efforts are met by physical abuse and psychological torment. Made up mostly of chases and physical comedy.

Special Features:

-Audio Commentaries

-Chips Off the Old Blockbusters

-Tales of Production and Production Overload