Crybaby – Still

In 1996 Crybaby, an alt-country band, began their recording career releasing their album Paintings. Critical notice was there but still they only lasted four years. The members, including lead singer Rae Billing, went their own ways. Two decades past and the members of Crybaby decided to come together to play some shows celebrating 20 years. Adding on some new members like Andrew Aldridge (guitar), Greg Brisco (keyboards) and Scott Bell (bass), they fever caught them. The music fever. Getting together got the creative juices flowing again and they decided to record and release an album. Just last month (April 2018) they released Still. It includes plenty of fresh new music, one of Billing’s solo songs and a cover of Bobby Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe”. Filled with country music which can only be described as soulful, an atmosphere which is amplified by the moving voice that Billing possesses. Standouts also include the bittersweet lyrics and guitar playing. From start to finish it is strong and poetic. Really take time to listen to the lyrics as they have an honesty to them you don’t often find in music today. They have been apart for a while but it certainly does not show here as they seem to still be quite in tune with one another.

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