Rare is the show nowadays that can keep its quality up over a long run. Over the course of its seven seasons The Good Wife, created by the husband-wife team of Robert and Michelle King, has provided plenty of bang for its buck. Everything here is haut qualite – writing, directing, production and acting.

Season six kicks off with Eli (played by Alan Cumming) trying to get Alicia (played by Julianna Margulies) to run for State’s Attorney. She is at first resistant then because she doesn’t like the present State’s Attorney she decides to thrown her hat in the ring as the Democratic candidate. Legal commentator Frank Prady (played by David Hyde Pierce) also declares his candidacy, so the race is on! At the same time Diane (played by Christine Baranski) decides to leave Lockhart/Gardner to join Florrick/Agos while Cary (played by Matt Czuchry) is having some legal problems of his own due to client Lemond Bishop (played by Mike Colter). Then there is the resurfacing of Louis Canning (played by Michael J. Fox) and killer/client Colin Sweeney (played by Dylan Baker). Alicia’s plate is full to overflowing.

At the center of the series is Alicia Florrick. A great character for an actress of the talent of Juliana Margulies. Alicia is very human. Smart, but flawed. Still sympathetic. This season Alicia tries to regain control of her own life from the men she knows.

While still going for topical storylines while not sinking to the level of melodrama or depending on topping itself every week. Legal, political and family drama dominate the stories rather than tawdry stuff. Public perception is a reoccurring theme and it is done so well that it makes you sit back to think about things. How sexism is a pervasive problem even today for women at work, home and in the public eye. There are some shaky episodes but for the most part it goes from strength to strength.

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