Mad Men: Season Five

It is not only one of the most popular television dramas airing today but it has also won an amazing four Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series and three Golden Globes in a row. The show immerses us into the never-a-dull-moment world of Sterling Cooper Draper Price, an advertising firm operating in the U.S. in the 1960s. It is a show filled with cigarette smoking, drinking, adultery, deceit, and lust. That terrible Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) has a new wife and a new apartment but is still the same devious rascal that you can’t help hating and lusting after at the same time.

Episode 1: A Little Kiss: Megan (played by Jessica Paré) throws Don a surprise party and Joan (played by Christina Hendricks) wonders if there will be a job for her to come back to.

Episode 2: A Little Kiss, Part 2: Lane (played by Jared Harris) finds a wallet in a cab and Don and Megan are trying to recover after the party.

Episode 3: Tea Leaves: A new task is heaped on Peggy (played by Elizabeth Moss) and Don and Harry (played by Rich Sommer) pander to a client.

Episode 4: Mystery Date: Joan comes to a decision and Don runs into someone from his past.

Episode 5: Signal 30: Pete (played by Vincent Kartheiser) and Trudy (played by Alison Brie) host a party and Lane tries to land Jaguar Cars as a client which leads to he and Pete getting into it physically.

Episode 6: Far Away Places: Jane convinces Roger (played by John Slattery) to give LSD a try and Peggy is having relationship problems.

Episode 7: At the Codfish Ball: Sally (played by Kiernan Shipka) helps a relative and Don, Roger and Pete attempt to bring in new clients.

Episode 8: Lady Lazarus: Don gets some news that surprises him and Pete takes a risk for a friend.

Episode 9: Dark Shadows: Sally gets herself into a sticky situation and Roger attempts to become an entrepreneur.

Episode 10: Christmas Waltz: It is Christmas time but things around the agency are not cheery and Don and Joan begin to become closer.

Episode 11: The Other Woman: Don and his team get ready for the pitch to Jaguar and Peggy makes a big decision.

Episode 12: Commissions and Fees: Sally gets back with an old friend and the company is on a high after the successful Jaguar pitch.

Episode 13: The Phantom: On the train, Pete meets a stranger and everyone seems to have an opportunity fall into their laps.

Special Features:

-“Mad Men” Says the Darndest Things

-The Uniform Time Act of 1966

-What Shall I Love If Not the Enigma?

-Party of the Century

-The Music of “Mad Men”

-NEWSWEEK Magazine Digital Gallery

-“Mad Men” Easter Eggs

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