We have become so used to the visual and storytelling stylings of animated films produced by large studios like Disney and Pixar that we have sort of lost sight of the idea that there are more than one way to skin a cat (gross saying!). Lightbox Animation out of Europe has produced a film for a fraction of the cost of what big studios usually spend and done just as good a job.

You could sort of equate Tad the Lost Explorer films to an animated Indiana Jones adventure. There is plenty of warmth here and a silly romance subplot to keep things dramatic amidst all of the action.

Where you can tell that they did not have a huge budget is in the animation. Not much is going on in the background of many scenes and what is there is not done with very much sharpness. The lack of realism here sometimes pulls you out of the story. Renders you less immersed in the goings ons.

Being an archaeologists is what Tad (voiced by Oscar Barbaren) dreams of while he is doing his day job working construction. He also dreams of well known and beautiful archaeologist Sara Lavrof (voiced by Michelle Jenner), who his buddies don’t believe he knows. The busy lady comes back into his life with an invitation to a presentation of her latest discovery – a papyrus which proves the existence of the necklace of Midas. King Midas was the man who turned everything he touched into gold. Obviously this is a big discovery. So big that Sara is kidnapped by evil billionaire Jack Rackman (voiced by Miguel Angel Jenner) as he wants to force her to find Midas’ necklace for his nefarious motives. It is now going to be up to Tad to save the day.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Previews of Sherlock Gnomes, Capture the Flag