The release of Ramon Chicharron’s album, Merecumbé, premiering via Ici Musique. This new album will be officially released on May 24 at O Patro Vys at 9:30pm. 

After collaborations with the Nativos Jammin Orchestra and Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, and a latin fusion project from 2005 to 2015, Chicharron made the choice to get closer to his Colombian roots with his first album Uepaje in 2015. Named after a popular 1950s musical genre, Merecumbé is a savvy melange of native cumbia music and merengue from Colombia’s Caribbean region. Ramon uses his exotic and dansable compositions to raise the listener’s awareness of modern environmental disruptions and the situation of migrants.

A nomadic soul, the multi-instrumentalist composed the album alone in the Costa Rican jungle, a process meant to recharge his batteries. His compositions transcribe the exhilarating experience, describing a colourful and rhythmic journey. Inspired by traditional colombian rhythms and frequent musical improvisation, Ramon Chicharron’s Merecumbé marries folk rhythms with electronic and psycho-tropical esthetics, offering a unique and crossbred result.