A tight group of friends in Los Angeles who happen to be lesbians. The stories all revolve around relationships whether it be platonic or sexual. Everything from the series comes from that. With that in mind it does get rather soap opera-ish at times. Emotions and sexuality are heightened frequently. Please don’t use this series and these characters as models for you lives – professionally or personally!

What keeps you interested in the series (besides the whole who is sleeping with who thing) is how the characters change. Trying to figure out what they are going to do next. Each of the women goes through a full arc of story and behaviour. One minute you are going to love them the next you’ll be annoyed with them. Besides the characters’ voyages you also get storylines with plenty of ups and downs, twists and turns.

At the center of the story this season is the making of the film based on Jenny’s novel about the circle of friends. Jenny is hired on as the director with Tina (played by Laurel Holloman) acting as one of the producers. Though the friends feel a little awkward about their lives being onscreen, especially Bette (played by Jennifer Beals), they fully support the project as they all want to see lesbian stories on the big screen.

The downside this season is how annoying Jenny (played by Mia Kirschner). It is not the (Canadian) actress’s fault; she does what she can with the rather over the top story she has been given. Jenny is so unlikable it is hard watching scenes she is in at times. Also, Shane (played by Katherine Moenning) is kinda boxed into a corner as the series’ lothario. In a rut really just moving from sleeping with one girl to the next. It gets a little tired at times. My worry is that they have really no where to go with the character. But Shane is so easy to like that you end up forgiving that.

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