Isla Craig to Release New Album The Becoming

Multi-dimensional artist Isla Craig will be releasing her new album The Becoming on June 22. Leading to the release, she has already shared the title track and is following with new single “Love Song” which premiered at Exclaim. Both singles offer a glimpse of what’s to come on Isla’s third solo offering.

With pointed attention towards vocal delivery and melodic play, the music is underpinned by languid psyche blues rhythms and arrangements that tumble into trance states. Isla says of The Becoming, “at the heart of this record is the experience of the inner world; what emerges from those times in life where we find ourselves in transition or at a loss for recognizing who we have known ourselves to be and the roles we have had a hand in playing.”

Exemplifying this overarching theme is new single “Love Song”, which represents “the dance between the interior and exterior worlds. The movement from idealized love towards one of reciprocity.”

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. The Becoming
  3. Out Of A Dream
  4. Love Song
  5. I’m Lost
  6. Faraway Blue
  7. Who Am I
  8. The Becoming (reprise)
  9. Bird Of Paradise
  10. There Is A Hole
  11. Messages (garden Edition)
  12. Gregory

The Becoming will be available in full on June 22, 2018 via Pleasence Records.

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