The outfit, who have gained UK radio support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio X and more, merge digitalised haziness over a beating mechanical heart of euphoric instrumentation. Their sound is littered with strains of alienation in the form of bittersweet synthesisers and whiteout lyricism stirred from lead-vocalist Yulia’s Siberian upbringing. In their live line-up the three-piece also features Daniel (bass guitar, synthesisers) and Manoela (drums, pads).

Everything by Electricity now release their new single Place To Call My Own. Opening with skipping percussion, we’re led into blizzard-like arrangements that progressively form into shadows of melodies, remaining ever-modest yet central in the 7-minute mix. EbE escape clichés of atypical synth/dream-pop outfits, consequential of anchoring Yulia’s vocals deep in the composition with its instrumental counterparts. The result is a machine of sound, perhaps similar to early Crystal Castles with their gelled emotive electronica, yet carried with more subtlety.

Yulia on growing up in post-Soviet Siberia:

“I was growing up in Siberia in the post soviet era in the 90s. I was 9 when I started my first band with school mates – this was a huge problem back then. Being in a band was considered to be a waste of time and in some cases as bad as taking drugs, especially for a girl, I didn’t fit in at all. My school had a “black list” for troubled kids with serious behavioural problems (those who were taking drugs or involved in any crime) and my parents received a phone call one day from a school principal advising them that I was included in that list just because I played an electric guitar in a band and wore a Kurt Cobain hoodie, it was totally unacceptable and I nearly got kicked out.

 My parents would try to stop me from playing music, saying I had to focus on more serious stuff and choose a more respectable profession until they heard my song on a local radio for the first time and they bought me a guitar. I knew I wasn’t doing anything bad and didn’t want to compromise my own dream for my family or society so I planned an “escape” to London and moved here straight after uni. 

I guess my childhood experience has a lot of influence on my songwriting which spans from escapism and isolation.”

Here’s what Yulia had to say about the track:

I wrote this song a long time ago in Siberia, before I moved to London. Initially, I didn’t intend for it to be a track I’d record and ultimately finish – it had just been sitting incomplete in an old lyric book for years. I recently came across the same book and found this unfinished song; it haunted me for days, I couldn’t take my mind off it, so dropped what I was currently working on and brought ‘Place To Call My Own’ to life.”

 London-based three-piece Everything by Electricity aptly derive their moniker from an extract of Jules Verne’s 2000 Leagues Under The Sea – “There is a powerful agent, obedient, rapid, easy, which conforms to every use, and reigns supreme on board my ship. Everything is done by means of it. It lights it, warms it, and is the soul of my mechanical vessel. This agent is electricity. Everything by Electricity”.