Those of you who have visited England, surely had the opportunity to try one of their most popular dishes, fish & chips. There are a few locations in town that specialize in this type of dish. We recently had the opportunity to try Brit & Chips restaurant that serves authentic fish and chips and is a must try.

Brit and Chips is a local restaurant with three locations. Our waitress Salma mentioned that the location on Maisonneuve has been open for about two years and has been serving up a great variety of fish and chips.

We started our meal with entrees that are referred to as “Nibbles” on the menu. The Tandoori popcorn shrimp were mildly spiced and served with a tasty lemon mayo sauce.  The Curry and chips was also a good choice. The sauce was fantastic as it was similar to a poutine style gravy but with a blend of mild curry spices added to it. You should also try the Cod fish cakes. They were made with a generous portion of mashed potato and cod and served with a dipping sauce. These entrees were all served with a lemon wedge to add some tanginess to the plate.

The star attraction at this restaurant, of course is the fish and chips. I ordered the cod with burgundy batter and was told that is one of the most popular options that people order. The generous portion of fish and chips were served on traditional newspaper style paper. The fish was fresh and best of all, had no fishy aftertaste. I have to say that this is some of the best fish I have tried in a restaurant. The tartar sauce was also one of the best I have tried. Very mild flavor and goes perfectly with the fish.

We also sampled the Salmon with Murphy’s stout batter. It was delicious and also fresh tasting.  The main dishes are served with a generous portion of thick fries.

Vegetarians can try the smoked tofu with chipotle batter. Tofu is good depending on how it is made. Sauces and seasonings make all the difference in the taste.  This dish got the thumbs up for its unique smokey taste and it was well seasoned.

We also ordered a few sides from the “Extras” section on the menu:

Pickled cucumbers are like dill pickles, tangy and crunchy.  The Mashed peas with butter and lime is an acquired taste but this is also popular in Britain so you should give it a try. The green salad was a generous portion of greens, cucumbers and tomatoes in a light balsamic dressing.

There are plenty of drinks to select from. Wine, soda and of course, beer. There are 8 choices of beers on the menu. We tried the popular burgundy lion ale draft beer.  They also offer Shaw’s sodas from Britain. We tried the Dandelion and Burdock flavor that was mildly sweetened with a really unique taste.  The Cloudy Lemonade is great on a nice warm summer day. It was a bit more tangy than typical local lemonades but I liked that it was not too sweet.

There are a few dessert options that we recommend. You should order the “Deep fried Whatever,” a chocolate bar that is deep fried. We selected the Oh Henry bar and it was great. It was the first time we tried a such a dessert and it was a good choice. The “99” ice cream with Flake was also noteworthy. Vanilla ice cream with Flake chocolate went perfectly with the deep fried chocolate bar.

Overall we enjoyed Brit and Chips restaurant and recommend that you give it a try.

Brit & Chips Restaurant

1390 Maisonneuve Blvd. West

(514) 844-3474