Electronic indie duo NOIA has been hard at work warping musical genres on its inaugural LP, Maybe Forever, which made its debut today! Part dance-rock, part electro-pop, with flashes of everything from new wave to EBM, trance to post-punk, techno to anthemic rock, this introductory album is a bold statement of intent from one of Montreal’s brightest emerging outfits.

A DIY album in the truest sense, Maybe Forever was composed, performed and recorded entirely by bandmates Eduardo Noya Schreus and Ashley Long themselves. Utilizing analog hardware and old-school techniques, they craftily concocted 8 original tracks that Latin Grammy-winning producer and mixer Reuven Amiel—who invited them to his Avenue of Sound studio in Miami—rounded out by helping to sculpt a snappy signature sound.

The result is a swaggering piece of work that comes to life with rippling, pulsating synths and a pounding drum track, yet underlying each song is a cinematic quality that showcases Eduardo’s experience as an award-winning composer of ambient, meditative soundscapes for the film and television industry (Xavier Dolan’s Mommy and Laurence Anyways, TV seriesVersailles.)

An assortment of dreamy escapism with hidden depths, Maybe Forever is a fusion of bright, crystalline guitar parts and auroral electronic melodies, with tinges of darker, more sinister sounds driven by beats that are commanding, uncompromising, and bound to keep dance floors bouncing.


Part dance-rock, part electro-pop, Montreal indie duo NOIA is the fruit of the creative collusion between musicians Ashley Long and Eduardo Noya Schreus.

A multiple award-winning film and television composer (SOCAN, Canadian Screen Awards)—best known for his work on Xavier Dolan’s Mommy and Laurence Anyways, and more recently on the TV series Versailles, among others—Eduardo initially conceived NOIA as a solo project until a chance encounter brought him in contact with Ashley, whose powerhouse vocals and livewire performances cranked things up a few notches.

Multi-instrumentalists and seasoned veterans of Montreal’s electronica scene, together they combine to forge a sound that is both visceral and kinetic, by turns rousing, bold, and hypnotic. As NOIA, their imaginations collide in a collaborative chemistry that imbues their savvy, synth-pop sound with flashes of everything from new wave to EBM, trance to post-punk, techno to anthemic rock.

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