The Final Act of Joey Jumbler

It is great when someone local makes a leap into the film world. At the ripe old age of 18 Harley Chamandy has already made a couple of films. His first was Mirage, which did the festival circuit. Now we have The Final Act of Joey Jumbler another short which is making a splash. Chamandy wrote and directed the film and it is also hitting the festival trail (see links below for trailer of short), including being an official selection at Academy Award qualifying Bermuda International Film Festival (where it won the Audience Award) and the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Joey (Alain Boucher – The Rocket, Funkytown) is a middle aged man in a suit and clown make-up with a red nose. He arrives at a large mansion. At the door he is told by the maid he can only talk to the kids. Joey sits down at the kiddie table and starts making balloon animals for them. While doing his schtick he is struck by one of the adults with his can and has a pitcher of water poured over his head. All in a day’s work, I guess.

Next he goes to a hospital room where a young girl is in the bed. She is his daughter. The young girl asks her father why he did not become a magician as he would be able to make her cancer disappear. Obviously affected by what she has said, Joey asks his daughter to dance with him.

Plenty of punch is packed into the mere 11 minutes of this short film. You will laugh and have your heart broken during its run time. A rather nuanced and mature film coming from such a young person. Definitely a filmmaker we should keep our collective eyes on.

The 18-year-old director has made such an impression that big names have noticed. First he was one of only 50 worldwide who were invited to the Black Factory Cinema’s workshop with Werner Herzog in Cuba in 2017. Now he has managed to bring on board cinematographer Stephanie Weber Biron, who has worked with Xavier Dolan on his films J’ai tue ma Mere and Heartbeats. Everything about this young filmmaker is impressive.

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