Dominique Tey introduces herself with wistful dream-pop debut ‘Heartstream’

If the past few years are anything to go by, the Scandinavian music scene has showed the whole world exactly how to do pop music justice. With acts like Tove Lo, Sigrid, and MØ dominating the world stage, Stockholm-based newcomer Dominique Tey is looking to join their ranks with the arrival of her debut single ‘Heartstream’.

 After originally finding prominence through her initial outfit MAASAI, Tey has since looked to venture into a more personal and intimate arena with her new solo material, with a new EP set to arrive later this year.

 Taking inspiration from dream-pop innovators such as Beach House and Cocteau Twins, ‘Heartstream’ is a wistfully romantic number that aims to add a contemporary edge to the genre. With its bold and enigmatic production, the single swoons and serenades as it plays, while her voice pulses with every beat and leaves a soothing impression throughout.

 Dominique explains the meaning behind the single and references the important of her Iranian heritage as a major factor of music influence:

 “‘Heartstream’ is basically a love song about the frustration and desperation that rises when you are miserable in love and give everything you have without getting anything back. In Iran you are taught early on about poets and poetry, and I’m convinced this has influenced my creations in a great way. You get an almost innate respect for poetry, in which I hope is reflected in my lyrics and vibe throughout my music.”

‘Heartstream’ is set to be released on the 15th June 2018 via Toothfairy Music, with the following EP due to arrive in the Autumn.



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