Since releasing their stunning debut album ‘The Haze Is Forever’ back in 2015, Swedish three-piece Dolores Haze have been solely on the offensive ever since. The record led them to huge international acclaim, which included an award for “Best Rock” act at the prestigious P3 Guld-Award, as well as two nominations at the Swedish GRAMMYS, and even a performance at the Swedish Music Hall of Fame initiation ceremony.

Described by The Guardian as having “an unfuckwithable attitude that makes them a force to be reckoned with,” the band now look to cement their legacy as one of Sweden’s most captivating outfits, they unveil the follow-up to their 2017 standalone release ‘White House’ with their eyebrow-raising new single ‘Banana’; a track that aims to echo the sentiment of the MeToo movement.

While it may have the sound of an upbeat alt-pop record, filled with high-powered production and a whistled hook, ‘Banana’ is a single rich in irony with a strong and powerful message at its core that follows the “thundering punk” sound of their previous releases.

“I might wanna talk to your mama (your ding dong dangle), I don’t wanna see your banana”, sings frontwoman Groovy Nickz, as the track takes on the topic of sexual consent and spells it out plain and simple. From there we are treated to array of witty one-liners and double-entendres about a particular male organ, that the group seem simply sick of seeing everywhere they go.

Yet despite a tough subject to find humour in, the outfit have managed to create a record that brings a smirk to your face over and over again, without the feeling of lightening the matter at hand. ‘Banana’ is simply the latest in a long line of irreverent releases from the group, and sees them in their sharpest state of mind yet.

‘Banana’ will be available to stream and download now via Warner Music Sweden.


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