Based on a true story, Guernica, directed by Koldo Serra (The Backwoods), is about events that happened during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. A story that is not widely known, but deserves to be. Tragic story about how Guernica was pretty destroyed during this era. It has a real international feel to it with plenty of languages, like Italian, Spanish, English, German, Russian, and French, being spoken.

Trying to get stories without being censored proves to be easier said than done for American reporter Henry Howe (James D’Arcy – Dunkirk, Hitchcock). Reporters are having a hard time getting stories out as the Republic only wants “good” news to come out. As such, journalists are being used as tools for propaganda.

Hunkered down in the Basque areas with the rebels,who are being helped by the Russians. The rebels are up against Franco trying to win for democracy. Franco is trying to squash them with the help of the Italians and Germans. During this time Howe falls in love with one of the censorers, Teresa (Maria Valverde – Exodus: Gods and Kings, Broken Horses). This is tricky because her Russian boss, Vasyl (Jack Davenport – The Talented Mr. Ripley, Kingsman: The Secret Service), also has feelings for her and is not pleased with the attention she is paying to the American journalist.

Not a film for everyone as the protagonist is not a very likeable guy. He drinks too much and his disillusionment rather drags things down. That is not aided by the fact that the dialogue is not the greatest. Plus the romance seems rather forced and predictable.

What is good is the cinematography by Unax Mendia (The Backwoods, No Rest for the Wicked), sets, costumes, and special effects. It also starts off well before sputtering due to too much focus on the romance and reliance upon cliches as time goes on.

Special Features:

-Deleted and Extended Scenes

-Previews of Edge of Winter, King’s Claive, Final Fantasy XV, Stealing Cars, Sniper: Ghost Shooter, The Silent Storm

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