Waking Ned Devine

A great example of Irish humour. Simple yet sidesplitting. Beautiful shots of the Irish countryside. Sad moments. Filled with odd but good characters. With a heart-warming ending (which is not too hokey) to boot. What more could you ask from a light little film? Definitely one that you can watch multiple times.

The Irish National Lottery happens and a man from the small town of Tully More is the winner. The unfortunate part is that the shock of it all causes the death of Ned Devine. Now, Tully More is a small, sleepy town where nothing much happens, so when the residents find out that one of them is the winner then curiousity gets the better of some. Those some are best friends Jackie O’Shea (Ian Bannen – Braveheart, Ghost Dad) and Michael O’Sullivan (David Kelly – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 2005, Stardust). After several attempts to find out who the winner is to no avail, Jackie goes down to Ned Devine’s cottage to find him deader than a doornail. Clutching the winning lottery ticket in his hand.

All this calls for action or the money will slip through their fingers. When the man (Adrian Robinson – first film) from the National Lottery arrives in town looking for Ned Devine a convoluted and ever evolving plan begins. The plan involves everyone in town buying in to certifying that Michael O’Sullivan is actually Ned Devine. Keeping a secret in a small town is not as easy as one would think.

A surprise hit at the time (1998) mostly due to the sparkling script filled with delightful dialogue and an older cast which is very game to go to any lengths to service the story and get some laughs. The humour is throughout and never feels forced, which causes it to be all the more funny. Plus there is the very realistic depiction of life in a small town and how important life long friendships are.

Fun to watch a film populated mostly with older actors/characters. Seniors are definitely an under served population in the film community, so it is good to have a film that is not only relevant to them, but a solid one.

Special Features:

-Original Theatrical Trailer


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