Even for non-fans of science fiction or government agent intrigue this series will succeed in pulling you in. You will, in short order, find yourself completely immersed in the world Chris Carter (Millenium, Rags to Riches) has created. Yes, it involves government conspiracies, mysterious and powerful men making decisions that affect everyone and aliens, but there is a whole bunch more to this series.

For the large part, the central character of Fox Muler (played by David Duchovny) is M.I.A. during this season. He only makes small appearances in the very beginning and end of the ninth season. As such, the focus is on Scully (played by Gillian Anderson), who spends the season being distracted by what is going on with her infant son William and where Mulder is. During the day she is teaching at the FBI Academy while also helping out Agents Doggett (played by Robert Patrick) and Reyes (played by Annabeth Gish) in their work on the X-Files.

I don’t think this is a spoiler to say here that this is the last season of the series. That is, until the recent reboot. Things do get wrapped up…sort of…not necessarily in a neat bow, however.

Some interesting cameos happen here. Keep your eyes peeled for Cary Elwes, Lucy Lawless, Adam Baldwin, Aaron Paul, Jane Lynch, Neal McDonough, Burt Reynolds, and William Devane.

Special Features:

-International Clips from “Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 2”, “Trust No 1”, “Provenance”, “William”, “The Truth”

-Deleted Scenes from “Nothing Important Happened Today”, “Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 2”, “4-D”, “Lord of the Flies”, “Provenance”, “Jump the Shark”, “The Truth”

-Cast Credits

-Commentary Track for “Improbable”, “Jump the Shark”, “The Truth”