I am sure the man and woman behind this story deserved a better representation of what they did than this. So poor that whoever decides to undertake the watching of Extraordinary will have to have the same type of ability to endure pain as does an ultra-marathoner.

The whole idea of the film is not really intended to be centered on the running or even our ability as humans to do something like this, rather this is a film about opening our eyes to the effect we can have on one another. Extraordinary is meant to inspire us in this way. Instead it becomes a test of endurance like the races David takes part in. Watching a film should not feel like that.

Being a college professor is not all David Horton (played by Leland Klassen) is about. He is also a husband and an ultra-marathon runner. Despite the fact that he is a great teacher who makes an important impact on his students, it is not enough to fulfil the man. He needs the body wrecking and soul crushing challenge that ultra-marathon offers him. David has spent many years as a competitive runner. Asking so much of himself and his body has taken a toll on David and his wife Nancy (played by Shari Rigby).

Even after open heart surgery, David continues to run. Run hard and far. Now his knees are paying the price for all the miles and pavement pounded. Nancy has reached her limit and wants her husband to give up competitive running and direct that extra energy towards his family. David’s thinking goes another way. He believes that God wants him to continue running in order to inspire people. This call to action leads to him on a 2,900 mile run across America.

Special Features:

-The David Horton Story

-The Extraordinary Woman

-Student Filmmakers of Extraordinary

-Keys to an Extraordinary Marriage

-Previews of I’m Not Ashamed, Priceless, The Theory of Everything, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

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