Six Feet Under: The Complete First Season

Beginning in 2001 Six Feet Under became the next big series in the HBO stable after the success of The Sopranos. The two series established the station as one of the leaders on television. HBO became the place in which different or quirky series went to flourish.

Flourish it did. For five seasons. Because it was unlike anything else on television. Dark yet oddly funny at times. A unique storyline filled with things we did not usually get to see on television. Subjects like death (obviously), homosexuality, mental illness, drugs, anonymous sex and twisted family relations. There are precious few boundaries that are not crossed. This less than perfect tv family makes for some intense drama.

Six Feet Under is a series involving a family. Now, it is not your typical family drama. The Fishers own a funeral home which is run by the father Nathaniel (played by Richard Jenkins) and his youngest son, David (played by Michael C. Hall). Their seemingly calm life is sent off the rails when Nathaniel is killed in a car-bus accident.

Eldest son Nate (played by Peter Krause) comes home for the funeral. On the flight home he meets and has sex with a mysterious woman named Brenda (played by Rachel Griffiths). The family now has to decide what to do with Fisher & Sons, do they sell it to a large corporation or try to keep running it themselves.

All this while mother Ruth (played by Frances Conroy) is dealing with the death of her husband and the guilt from having had an affair with a hairdresser from her church, Hiram (played by Ed Begley Jr.). Only daughter Claire (played by Lauren Ambrose) is dealing with high school and boy issues herself.

Keep eyes peeled for several cameos by Joanna Cassidy, Robert Foxworth and Ileanna Douglas.

Special Features:

-Commentary Track by Series Creator Alan Ball on Episode 1

-Deleted Scene, with Commentary, From Episode 1

-Series Index

-“Behind the Scenes” Featurette Featuring Cast and Filmmakers

-Commentary Track by Series Creator Alan Ball on Episode 13

-2 Music Tracks Including the Never-Before-Released “Kid Loco” Title Theme Remix

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