With a recent collaboration with Santii, supported by High SnobietyClash and I-D and three singles up her sleeve, Paulaa has returned with a more downtempo personal track ‘Fall In’. Taken from her upcoming EP, the new song explores the feeling of longing to reunite with the one who got away. Having teamed up with Eddie Serafica (James Bay, Jake Bugg), ‘Fall In’.

‘Fall In’ is about two people who have a very strong bond and even though they part ways the connection between them remains undeniable. The song opens up with lines“Miss me, call me, be with me, like in the past/ Kiss me, fall in, love me deep, don’t let it pass”. There’s a longing, even after the break-up and a hope to get back together because deep down you know that what you had could never fade.

Paulaa explains:

“Writing it was so calm, it was a vibe. The last line in the song “fall into my arms”, it’s like saying I’m here, I’m ready whenever you are, I can be your safe space, you can let go. Let’s just cut all the shit out and face the fact that we are meant to be.”