The latest “it” comedy is the Tina Fey (God, she’s brilliant) vehicle, “30 Rock”. It has won critical acclaim and Emmys galore in its two seasons. The show is centered around Fey’s character, but the supporting cast is also priceless.

Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) is a writer for the television show “The Girlie Show” and after her previous boss dies, her new strange boss (played by Alec Baldwin) insists that she hire former movie star (played by Tracy Morgan) who is more trouble than he is worth. Liz has to figure out how to keep the show functional without driving herself crazy in the process.

Episode 1: Seinfeld Vision: Jack (played by Alex Baldwin) tells Jerry Seinfeld that he is going to use clips from old episodes of Seinfeld to make sure that Seinfeld is in each of NBCs present shows.

Episode 2: Jack Gets in the Game: Kenneth (played by Jack McBrayer) decides that it is up to him to get Tracy (played by Tracy Morgan) and Angie (played by Sherri Shepherd) back together.

Episode 3: The Collection: Jenna (played by Jane Krakowski) worries that if she loses all the weight she gained over the summer that her popularity will decline.

Episode 4: Rosemary’s Baby: Liz meets her idol, Rosemary Howard (played by Carrie Fisher), and invites her to be a writer on The Girlie Show.

Episode 5: Greenzo: It’s the time of year for Kenneth’s annual house party and he is the only one looking forward to it.

Episode 6: Somebody to Love: Liz suspects that her Middle Eastern neighbour (played by Fred Armisen) is a terrorist.

Episode 7: Cougars: To fulfill his community service requirements, Tracy must coach a little league team.

Episode 8: Secrets and Lies: C.C. (played by Edie Falco) and Jack come to an impasse in their relationship when she wants to go public, but he does not.

Episode 9: Episode 209: Liz is visited by her family.

Episode 10: Episode 210: Kenneth becomes addicted to caffeine.

Episode 11: MILF Island: When someone from The Girlie Show insults Jack in a newspaper article he decides to send Jonathan (played by Maulik Pancholy) around to figure out who it is.

Episode 12: Subway Hero: Liz’s ex Dennis (played by Dean Winters) becomes a celebrity after jumping onto the subway tracks to save someone.

Episode 13: Succession: Something going wrong with Don’s (played by Rip Torn) health may jeopardize Jack being named as his successor.

Episode 14: Sandwich Day: Floyd (played by Jason Sudeikis) stays overnight at Liz’s.

Episode 15: Cooter: Jack takes on a new job with Homeland Security, but it is not all he thought it would be.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
– Backstage with Tina Fey Hosting ‘SNL’
– The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Presents: An Evening with ’30 Rock’
-Live Version of Episode 210
-Table Read of Cooter