For girls who love Barbie and are into video games (interesting combination) this is really gonna make them happy. Not so much their parents as they are going to want to watch it over and over, but what can you do. Actually this will not be as painful for parents as finally there is a Barbie film with a decent storyline. The animation is also bright and sharp.

Barbie films have gotten pretty decent over the past couple of years. The improvement has been noticeable. Probably because they are leaving the whole princess/damsel in distress thing and going for stories that are more contemporary. Here the plot is fairly simple. Barbie gets pulled into the world of a video game. In order to set things right she has to win every level which will not allow the virus to win. As she goes up levels, Barbie makes some new friends. They are the right kind of friends as they help her advance in the game.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy


  • “Change the Game” Music Video
  • Barbie™ Video Game Hero Bonus Shorts
  • Barbie™ Dreamtopia: “Theme Song”
  • Barbie™ Dreamtopia: “Sweetville”
  • Barbie™ Dreamtopia: “Sparkle Mountain”